Five Tips for Preparing your Home for Summer

grey planter

It’s called ‘spring cleaning’ for a reason! Spring is the perfect time of year to take stock after the long winter, freshen up your home, and make the appropriate adjustments before summertime hits. Clearing out debris from winter storms, checking your roof and gutters for damage from ice and snow, reorganizing your garage and closets, tackling home repair projects…there is lots to be done this time of year! As you undergo spring cleaning and prepare your home for summer, we suggest keeping these five tips in mind to make your life a little easier come summer:

  1. Before you know it, you’ll be cranking that A/C Unit in an effort to gain a little relief from the summer heat. Spring is a great time to take stock of your HVAC system. The transition from heating to cooling can put stress on your system, so it’s important to service your HVAC in the spring to make sure everything is fully operational. There’s nothing worse than a broken AC unit on a sweltering summer day (when your local HVAC companies are swamped with service calls).
  2. Did you know that the majority of deals that fall through during the home inspection phase are due to crawlspace issues? It’s easy to overlook the crawlspace in your home (out of sight, out of mind, right?), but it’s actually the most prominent place for mold issues to begin. We suggest inspecting your crawlspace two times a year to avoid costly headaches down the line. Tip: If your crawlspace is not climate controlled, now is the time to open your vents to let air in to ventilate.
  3. The leaves are finally returning to the trees, which means before long the trees in your yard will be full and lush. Before the trees that border your home flourish, take the opportunity to cut back trees or any other landscaping that may be touching your climate system compressors, pool pumps, roof, or siding. No plantings should touch the house or any mechanical apparatus – spring clean your property while the trees and shrubs are still bare!
  4. One of the first parts of the home to receive a good spring cleaning is the windows. As you start to open your windows in the spring you typically notice how dirty they’ve gotten, however you should also be checking your windows for functionality. Tip: Hit your window sliders with a little oil and give them a clearing workout.
  5. With spring and summer come lots of active bugs and insects, but the last place you want them to nest, gather, or set up shop is in your home. This year, instead of simply dealing with bees, ants, and other insects, block their passage to avoid the mess entirely!

As the weather warms up, make your plans for spring cleaning and prepping your home for summer. You’ll thank yourself when those long, hot summer days hit!