The Most Popular Kitchen Design Trends of 2016

Luxury Kitchen brown with granite countertops and island

One of the first spaces our clients gravitate towards during the home buying process is the kitchen. Oft-noted as the heart of a home, the kitchen can be a major tipping point when it comes to buying or selling a home, which is why kitchen trends are always high on my radar each year. What’s the hot cabinetry trend right now? What color schemes are taking hold? Bold backsplashes or more subtle tones? If you’re in the market for a new home, chances are you’ve been doing your research and are eager to nab a kitchen that is on the forefront of industry trends rather than on the way out. Finding the ideal kitchen is possible, but what should you be looking for?? The following are the top five kitchen trends we’ve noticed our clients looking for during the home buying process in 2016:

Muted Color Schemes: Step aside bold colors, this year it’s all about less saturated tones. Charcoals, grays, and neutral pastels are dominating in kitchens right now, with clients eager to see lighter wood tones like walnuts or white oak in rift grain. If you’re selling your home, changing the color scheme of your current kitchen could go a long way in attracting buyers.

Metallic Finishes: Accompanying muted color tones are metallic finishes – a trend that we saw take hold in 2015 and will likely remain for some time. Metal faucets, pendant lights, and other small dashes of copper, brass, or bronze are dazzling prospective home buyers, but what’s really taking hold are metal hoods.

Midcentury Mod: As midcentury modern furniture continues to dominate in the interior design world, it’s no surprise that midcentury mod is appearing in kitchens as well. Serving as a perfect complement to the muted color schemes and walnut finishing, midcentury mod also gives nod to the simplicity and functionality that we’ve been seeing our clients looking for in kitchens.

Cabinet Lighting: Well-lit cabinetry is a show stopper right now, wowing home buyers and providing better mood-setting capabilities for the kitchen. Home sellers, adding low-voltage light tape strips to accent pieces below cabinets, above cabinets, and below countertop overhangs are relatively easy ways to dress up your kitchen as you stage for potential buyers.

Smart Spaces: It is 2016 after all, so it’s no surprise that we are seeing more and more kitchens that accommodate our tech-centered lifestyles. For starters, you’ll start to notice more charging stations built into kitchen spaces to accommodate smart devices. Smart appliances are a big draw as well for buyers, with steam ovens, built in wine coolers, and built-in coffee machines topping the trends list for right now.

As an Associate Broker with nearly 15 years of experience with buyers and sellers, I’ve seen it all (and then some) when it comes to kitchen trends. While the trends are always changing, what has remained constant is that the kitchen space is a major selling point for buyers, which is why our team stays plugged into what’s trending each year. For sellers, this means major or minor changes to your kitchen space can go a long way in making the sale. Contact me for more on these key tools that you can and should be using to your advantage.