Talking Bathroom Renovations and Trends with Chuck Mangold

two sink luxury bathroom with tub

Whether you are selling your current home or purchasing a home with a bathroom that doesn’t align with your visions of your future home, the options for bathroom renovations are seemingly endless. Everything from light fixtures to tile colors can keep you bogged down for hours as you try to make the right choice. If you’re selling your home, a bathroom renovation can go a long way in improving its value and aesthetic appeal. Conversely, if you are about to buy or you recently did purchase a home with a less-than-stellar bathroom, than a bathroom renovation can easily transform the look and feel of your entire home. As a seasoned realtor and associate broker with over fifteen years of experience working with both buyers and sellers, I have gained a wealth of knowledge on design trends over the years, particularly when in regards to bathrooms and kitchens. What are the latest trends my team and I have been seeing in 2016? Let’s take a look at five of our favorite bathroom trends right now:

Unique Tile Patterns: We saw a lot of our clients gravitate towards patterned and geometric tiles over the past few years, but 2016 seems to be bringing an influx of unusual tile patterns. Think simple, timeless tiles, but arranged in unique patterns like basketweave and windmill.

Wood: In addition to unique tile patterns, our team has also been noticing more wood materials being utilized in new bathrooms and in bathroom redesigns. Purpose-designed timber products bring a natural warmth to your bathroom space while creating a unique look.

Natural Tones: As wood brings natural warmth to bathrooms, it’s worth noting that natural vibes are also trending right now. Look for plenty of natural materials and minerals as you’re shopping around, as well as natural stone and river rock on your vanity tops, sinks and baths, and feature walls.

Metallics: If you aren’t a fan of wood finishings in your bathroom, don’t fret too much because metal is still a major interior trend, bringing a splash of glamor to your bathroom renovation. A good way to utilize metals is through your fixtures, towel bars, shower rails, and accessories.

Indoor Plants: We love this trend because it’s an easy fix as you stage your home to sell; or, if you’ve recently purchased a home and want to spruce up your bathroom without breaking the bank any further. Indoor plants like jasmine are perfect this time of year.

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